Financial planning for those in corporate finance

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Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Primary goals: Financial stability during a career transition, securing their children’s future, and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

Their Background

Jason and Georgia are a dynamic couple navigating a significant transition. Georgia, thriving in her pharmaceutical sales career, and Jason, venturing out to start his own graphic design business, find themselves at a crucial financial juncture. With two kids aged 13 and 15, their decisions now will shape not just their future but that of their entire family.

Juggling Georgia's stable income and Jason's entrepreneurial leap, they are keen on maintaining financial security and lifestyle. Their savings are decent, but the uncertainty of starting a new business and the costs of two children heading to college soon have them seeking a solid financial strategy.

The Approach

Understanding their unique situation, Jason and Georgia partnered with a financial planner who specializes in assisting professionals and entrepreneurs. They wanted someone who could not only guide them through the financial aspects of starting a business but also ensure their family’s financial security wasn’t compromised.

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